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Education: Clinical



Are You the Weakest Link?

Course Length: 2 hrs  
Course Number: 35094-SD

This course reviews various common ocular and systemic disease in an interactive grand rounds format. It discusses various presentations, differential diagnoses and treatment options with the help of audience participation. Put on your thinking cap and join us for two hours of interactive learning. 

Corneal Confusion: Staining, Infiltrates, and Infections

Course Length: 2 hrs  
Course Number: 30813-As

This course will provide the attendee with the latest research relates to corneal complications including corneal staining, infiltrates, and infectious keratitis. The course will provide the participant with a guide for developing a differential diagnoses system around corneal staining and debunk various myths based on sound evidence-based medicine and clinical research. 

Doc I Can't See!! Ocular Emergencies

Course Length: 2 hrs  
Course Number: (24417-SD)

A step-by-step methodical approach to diagnosis and management of ocular emergencies.  Urgent, emergent and in-office situations will be outlined and discussed.

Drops, Drugs, and Plugs: Dry Eyes Therapy Today

Course Length: 1 hr  
Course Number: 21952-AS

This course will address dry eyes and other related ocular surface disease disorders that affect the status of the tear film. It will cover the basic function, anatomy and physiology of the tear film and drainage systems. We will also discuss the Pathophysiology, assessment and diagnoses of the various forms of ocular surface disease including the dry eye conditions followed by a review and outline of various treatment methodology. 

Enhancing The Total Patient Experience

Course Length: 3 hours  
Course Number: 37045-PM

Sales Lacking? Consumers not happy? Learn the secrets that will revolutionize the way you practice and the way consumers see your business. Effective merchandising, sales processes, and an understanding of how consumers think and act are essential to creating the ideal consumer experience. Join us and get in on the secret!

Implementing a Nutritional Plan into your Practice

Course Length: 1 hour  
Course Number: 39209-GO

Learn the strategies and secrets of implementing a comprehensive nutritional program into your practice.  developing the medical aspect of your practice.  Discover the tools, the philosophy and the strategies

Interactive Optometry - What's that Red Eye?

Course Length: 1 hr  
Course Number: 30825-GO

Finally, a new way to learn what you need to know about common cases in optometry! We call it interactive optometry. You will call it intellectual, educational, and just plain funny. Since you will be on your cell phone anyway--why not join the fun? This is the course everyone will be talking about. 


Making Sense of Lid Margin Disease

Course Length: 2 hrs  
Course Number: 23476-AS
Class Notes: LMD.Abnotes.12.pdf

This course will address lid margin disease and related ocular surface disease disorders. It will cover the basic etiology and presentation of lid margin disease in its various forms. We will also discuss a systematic approach to diagnosing and treating often-overlooked forms of lid margin disease. 

Ocular Emergencies

Course Length: 1 hr  
Course Number:

The technician's role in ocular emergencies including phone triage and assisting the doctor in potentially visually threatening situations.

Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease: Grand Rounds

Course Length: 2 hrs   
Course Number: 33889-SD

This course reviews specific ocular manifestations of various systemic diseases in an interactive gran rounds format. It discusses carious presentations and treatment options for both the ocular and systemic disease.

One of Those Days - Again!! A Day in the Life of the Full Scope OD

Course Length: 2 hrs  
Course Number: 30809-GO

Four cases that will challenge everything you know about optometry. Our panel will break down these complicated cases that you experience every day. 

The Clinical Application of Today's Lens Technology

Course Length: 2 hrs  
Course Number: 33316-GO

Join us as we discuss the various clinical applications for all of the new ophthalmic lens options as they pertain to eye disease, specialty needs, and general eye care. This is the one course that reviews not only how to prescribe, but what to prescribe for the spectrum of every day patients that the general optometrists sees every day. 

Therapeutic Options in Ocular Surface Disease

Course Length: 2 hrs  
Course Number: 29217-AS
Class Notes:

This course will highlight cutting edge therapeutic options in the management of ocular surface disease. Learn the latest in managing lid margin disease, infectious OSD, dry eye, or inflammatory disease. We will cover orals, topical and many effective alternative forms of treatment including hormonal immunomodulation and nutritional supplementation. If you see patients, you can't miss this one. 

You Are What You Eat: Nutritional Optometry

Course Length: 1 hr  
Course Number: 33888-OP

This course will address the new and rising trend of the use of nutritional supplements in optometry and medicine in general. we will discuss basic pharmacology, common uses, side effects, potential risks and "normal" dosages of various classes of nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbal remedies that our patients are taking. We will also discuss their effects on the visual system and overall health of our patients.