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Protect and Perform

Monday, August 03, 2015 |
Protect and Perform So what are you doing to protect yourself from the sun? Most of you probably wear sunscreen. And I will bet that most of you probably have a “good pair” of sunglasses. How about your patients? Can they say the same thing? Our outside vision is crucial to how we see and function. Yet most people spend $20 on "off the rack" sunglasses and then spend hundreds or thousands on sporting equipment. To see better, perform better, enjoy more we need to give some thought to customized sun we  Read More

How to Find Great Staff

Friday, May 01, 2015 |
We have discussed many times over the last year how important a great staff is to the success of a business. But how do you actually find this great staff? It is actually not difficult. Like everything else you just need to have a plan and execute. There are five key elements to recruiting your next great team member. 1. Know what you Want. The first step is to evaluate your current team. What personalities currently exist? What positions do you currently have filled? Could any of these people have potential to be a cand  Read More

Do you want that with glare or without?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 |
Seems like a simple enough question. I would guess that you, like most of your staff, and your consumers would say….”well, without please.” Yet, if we look at the national average less than 40% of all glasses are made with ANY form of anti-glare. Maybe it’s not your practice but are you sure? Your next step (after you are done reading this of course) is to call your lab and ask what your anti-glare percentage is. You might want to be sitting down. The good news is that there may not be another area in your p  Read More