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The Front Door Test

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What does your office feel, look, sound, smell like? This is the FSLL factor of your business. Let’s take the first step and take a "fresh" look at our business. Here is what I want you to do.

  1. Let everyone know that tomorrow you want everyone in the office there 15 minutes early
  2. Tomorrow meet and have everyone walk outside the front door of the office. Have them close their eyes and record what they hear, smell and feel. Now have them open their eyes and record what they see when they look at the front door and surrounding area of your office. Have them write it down. No comments yet.
  3. Now walk in the front door and let it close behind you. Repeat the above step. Have everyone write down what they experience.
  4. Stop and have everyone stand around the front desk area and talk about what they just experienced. Start with the great things. Now, ask about the things that need a little improvement. Write them down (they are your future "to-do" list). Now ask everyone to discuss what they missed or didn't really see because they have become nose-blind or sight-blind to things that they see everyday and now just accept as normal but could be changed or improved.
  5. Next week repeat this exercise by going into the exam lane, contact lens area and optical.

It is very likely that you can make some small changes to really improve your FSLL score. Even more important is that the staff has a newfound awareness of the FSLL of the business and that they have not only the responsibility but also the authority to change it. I am a big believer in the 1% rule. If we focus on improving what we do by 1% every day, in a year we will not even recognize where we had been.  Little things like removing that cobweb from the roof or a few of the dead leaves off the plant in the reception area matter. These 1% changes can dramatically impact how consumers perceive the office.  Small things matter. Pay attention to them!!! 

To learn more about how to change the ambiance of your office, watch our 7-part series on “Enhancing the Consumer Experience” or contact us and we can help you “restyle” your business.

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